Golden Globes 2016: The Backstage Scene

Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

(BEVERLY HILLS) — The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards were held Sunday night in Beverly Hills. Backstage, the newly minted trophy winners talked surprises and shared secrets behind their award-winning performances. 

While he did share a laugh regarding the movie’s being categorized as a “Musical or Comedy” by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Matt Damon admitted he’s happy The Martian found an audience. Indeed, the sci-fi shipwreck drama ended its run as one of the top ten-earning movies of 2015. “When something like this happens…and there’s this kind of perfect storm reaction, it’s great.” Damon also commented on Sean Penn’s meeting with notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman while he was on the run from the law. The meeting became grist for a Rolling Stone interview piece Penn penned. While Damon hadn’t yet read the article, he explained, “It’s nothing new, actors … and writers for that matter… going an seeking out meetings like this. I don’t want to throw any actors under the bus, but I know a lot of serious actors and filmmakers having meetings like this.” The actor added, “It’s part of, you know, what we do to do our job really well.”

Leonardo DiCaprio also commented about how happy he was that his film The Revenant — for which he earned the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama award — was doing well in theaters. “It’s very rewarding, you know…I think people appreciate seeing a different kind of cinema out there — a more visceral kind of movie.”  The Revenant also earned Best Picture and Best Director trophies for Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. Leo also spoke about the movie’s stand-out action scene, in which his 19th century frontiersman is brutally mauled by a bear. “I think people are talking about it for good reason. I think that sequence is going to go down in the history of cinema as an amazing…sequence that makes people feel like they were there.”

Jennifer Lawrence was all smiles when asked what it was like to beat her bestie Amy Schumer for the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy category. “She’s gonna be fine,” J-Law laughed. While she was nominated for Joy, Schumer was up for the same trophy for a quite different film, Trainwreck. “It wasn’t a matter of feeling bad, because she’s funny and hilarious and will win many things,” Jennifer said, before admitting, “I just didn’t — I really expected Amy to win.” 

Another surprised star was Sylvester Stallone, who admitted he was shocked that his name was called as Best Supporting Actor for his work in Creed — so much so that he didn’t notice a room full of stars who gave him a standing ovation. “I don’t remember a standing ovation, I was in shock. Was it really [there]? I guess I’m going to have to get a TiVo of it,” he laughed. “Just the mere fact that these incredible people were applauding…It makes me realize that in life, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

Taraji P. Henson was as fierce backstage as she was on-stage after taking the Best Actress in a TV Series Comedy trophy for her work as Cookie in Fox’s Empire. “I knew that we had something special,” she said of the show. Henson said she and all involved, “wanted to shake up television…and I think we did that with this show.”

Lady Gaga was visibly shocked when she accepted the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Limited TV Series for her work in FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel. Backstage, she confirmed she didn’t see it coming. “Absolutely never did I imagine that,” adding earnestly, “This is just the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

Singer Sam Smith told reporters that recording — let alone winning — the Best Original Song Golden Globe for “Writing’s On The Wall,” the theme song to the 007 film Spectre, was a dream come true. “It’s just been a part of a childhood and my life for as long as I could remember…But getting an award for it, it’s amazing, because I love this song and I’m so proud of it.”

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