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Husker Rehabilitation & Wellness Centers, PC

504 E Street
Fairbury, NE 68352
Ph: 402-729-2639



At Husker Rehab, physical pain and dysfunction are personal. We’ve become very good at listening to our patient’s needs and desires, analyzing the problem, ferreting out causes, and figuring out ways to get people moving again. That’s the bottom line.

We treat the body holistically, like a builder builds a house. If the pieces don’t work together correctly, it weakens the structure and causes problems. We treat posture first, like a builder frames first. Only then do we perform traditional, trusted therapies to methodically coax a body back to normal. We re-evaluate often and make adjustments as we go, then teach patients how to maintain their newfound health at home—how to establish good habits and build a foundation of wellness, so pain is less likely to become a problem later in life.

Today, Husker Rehab proudly offers services in four clinics in three different Nebraska cities, where we serve physicians and their patients with unique, highly-intensive, highly-customized rehabilitation, wellness and preventive care therapies that make a real difference in people’s lives. Our meticulous expert therapeutic methods (along with our fun, positive atmosphere, and devotion to patients and their individual needs) have earned us a reputation as the area’s most dependable rehab solution. Our well-documented customer satisfaction rating is 98%.

For more information about our services, or to find the office nearest you, please contact us!

Address: 504 E Street
Phone: (402) 729-2639
Fax: (402) 729-2644

Email: gcromer@huskerrehab.com
Website: http://www.huskerrehab.com/fairbury
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HuskerRehab


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