Zalesky Auction - Charles Bruha Estate

Date: Sunday, June 3, 2012 Time: 11:00 am Contact: BJ ZaleskyPhone: 402-821-2584Email:



Charles Bruha Estate Auction

Sunday, June 3, 2012 - 11 a.m.

528 West 5th St., Wilber, Ne.

Lunch by St. Wenceslaus PCCW



1985 Chevy Celebrity car, 77,718 miles,
auto, AC

Mowers and Tiller

Craftsman riding mower, 17 hp, 6 speed,
42 in. cut
Several Snapper mowers
Wizard garden tiller

Furniture and Appliances

Estate refrigerator, 14 c.f., nice
Gibson chest deep freeze, 8.3 c.f
Kitchen dinette/4 rolling chairs
Wooden chairs (8)
Sofa, nice---Rocker
Wringer washers (2)---Steel rinse tubs
Recliners (2)---RCA X100 26” TV
RCA 19” TV---Easy chair
Double beds (3)---Iron double bed
Dressers (3)---Upper steel cupboard
Hall Tree---Gibson dehumidifier
Floor Lamp---Table lamps
End tables---Magazine rack

Antiques and Collectibles

Secretary desk---Oak sq. table, 6 leaves
Rocker---Dresser---Oil lamps---Sad iron
Large crock bowl---Crock bowls (3)
Crock jug------Fred Winter crock bowl
Green measuring cup---Green bowl
Clear sq. dishes---Elephant statues
Plaster carnival horse
Swan dish
Glass pitchers (2)---Fancy cups
Green salt and flour shakers
Switzerland Sprague pitcher
Erick Stouffer kids figurines
Red poppy serving dishes---Green glasses
Metal tumblers---Enamel pots pans
Tobacco cans---Small oil cans
Pedal sewing machine, complete, works
Wicker sewing basket---Dr.’s bag
Inside outhouse commode ---Ash bucket
Saline Co. Bank, Western, cake turner
Metal sugar scoop---Ear Corn shucker
Stove pipe cover---Pocket watch
Old scale---Half bu. Steel bucket
Lead ladle---Cement rooster and hen
Pedal grinding stone
Mobil 5 gal. can---Lead melting ladle
Leather sharpening strap---Marbles

Garden, Tools and Shop Items

Schumacher-10/amp, Battery charger
Craftsman tap and die set, ¼ to ½ in.
Power House drill, ½ in.
Circular saw---Drill and drill bits
Sledges (2)---Ext. cords
Fertilizer spreader---Spades
Hacksaws---Hand saws---Sprayer
Files---Hammers---Vise Grips
Tin snips---Oil cans---Funnel
Hand brace and bits---Pipe wrench
Square---Hedge trimmer
Caulking gun---Sand shovel
Snow shovels (2)---Grease gun
Hand air pump---Floor jack
Ext. ladder, 10 ft.---Step ladder
Pitch fork---Hoe---Potato fork
Rakes---Garden hoses---Sprinkler
Metal trash can---Railroad. anvil

Kerosene heating stove
Car tires (2) 14 in.
Trash burner---Misc. lumber
Copper tubing---Metal watering can
Gopher trap---Bath tub grasp
Painting supplies---Lawn chair
Lawn mower parts---Metal folding chair
Plastic basement window covers (2)
Christmas décor---Vacuums (2)
Club aluminum pots and pans
Cake pans---Dinnerware
Cups and Glassware---Alarm clock
Fan---Pocket poker and pinball hand games
Card shuffler---Space heater
Shelf---Old knives---Pencils
Linden clock---Pictures
Ironing board---Iron
Wards meat grinder---Hand mixer
Angelfood cake pan---Toaster
Pie plates---Silver tray

Auctioneers Comments: 
All of these household items are clean and in good condition.
Come take a look.

Auctioneer: Col. B.J. Zalesky, 402-821-2584 or 402-826-0370
Ringpersons: Cathy Endorf and Brian Zoubek
Clerks: Nicky Zalesky & Lisa Maly
Office Manager: Darlene Zalesky
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