Zalesky Auction - Joe & Shirley Kaderabek Farm Auction

Date: Sunday, October 28, 2012 Time: 9:30 am Contact: B.J.ZaleskyPhone: 402-821-2584



Joe & Shirley Kaderabek Farm Auction

Date: October 28, 2012 Time: 9:30 AM
Location: 713 Road 20
Ohiowa, NE
Type: Personal Property
Description: Full line of good machinery, along with a complete line of anitque Machinery that is hard to find! Auction Bill: View Page 1 
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2005 Ford Pickup, 350 Diesel, Long box,  4x4, 187,000 miles, Blue striping, nice

2004 Ford Excursion, 4x4, gas, 168,000 miles, nice

1972 Ford 700, Custom Cab grain Truck, 5 spd, 18.5’ box, 63,745 m.

1960 Ford Custom Cab grain Truck, auto, 17.5’ box, 69,538 m

1963 Avion Coach Silver Camper

1972 Mercury Bobcat car, 2 dr. not running

Honda 90 for parts---Honda 70 Trail



JD 4520, #007865R, year round cab, diesel, 4163 hr

JD 4020, #255345R., Synchro,18.4-34 tires, diesel,10,059 hrs

JD 70, 1953-54, #7026842

JD A #632819---JD MT #32593

Clamp on Duals, 18.4-34---Combine Rims/18.4-26 w. tires

Set of 18.4-26 Radial Tires

1958 Cat. Loader, 966A, rebuilt motor, 8.5’ bucket, 3 yd, runs good

JD 5010 Dirt Scrape, doesn’t run

JD 6620 1980 Turbo Combine/chopper, 2905 hr

JD 6600 Combine for parts

JD 6r.n. 653 crop head

JD 20’ Combine head---Header trailer

Steel combine bat reel, 17.5’

Rigid combine head, 15’---Flat bed trailer

Hyd. header lift trailer, nice

Livestock g.n. Trailer, 6’x17’, homemade

NH 907 Windrower, 14’, runs

NH Stackliner #1033, 103 bales

High Boy Weed Wiper 6100, runs

Buffalo Cultivator, 6r.n.---JD Planter 7100, 6r.n.

JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 15’---JD Sickle Mower, 3 pt., 7’

Lorenz Grinder mixer, hyd.

IH 550 Plow, 5-16---Rake, 5 wheel

Jeoffroy Chisel, pull type, 14’

Tandem Disk/harrow, 20’---Gravity wagons, 165 bu.(2)

Wil-Rich Field cultivator, 24’---Field cultivator, 24’

JD Drill, single Disk, 24 runner

BMB Hay Saver-12 Shredder

Snow Plow for grader---Quick Hitch Guide

Fiberglass tanks, 720 gal. (2)---Saddle tanks, 200 gal.

Tandem Tender trailer, 750 gal. tank/motor

Tandem trailer/fenders, 5’x8’---2 wheel trailer, 4x8, steel ramps

Bale spear for bucket---Pallet forks

Hyd 3rd link---JD wheel weights

Bulk bin on wheels---Quick Hitch

Misc. augers---Buffalo Guidance hitch

Sprayer, 3 pt.---Valley 5th wheel hitch & ball

Fifth Wheel P.U. Hitch, two ways

3 pt. post hole digger/9” auger---12” Auger bit


Shop and Yard Items

Honda Bluebird, Stump Grinder, 13 h.p., walk behind, new knives

Lincoln elec. portable Welder/generator

Coleman Power Mate generator, 1850

A-Frame Hoist on wheels---Sickle mower, walk behind, free

21 Piece 1” square drive socket wrench set, 1 5/8” -3 1/8”

Ryobi elec. Miter Saw, 10”---Large Press

Duracraft ½” bench drill Press

Misc. filters---Wood ext. Ladder, 15’

Garden tools---Many hand tools

Scaffolding/braces/deck, (20)

2 T. Chain Hoist---Crosby 2 ½” hook and pulley

Air bumper jack---Cement mixer---Wheelbarrow

JD 116 riding Mower, not running

IH Cub Cadet riding 482 Mower, 48” deck, not running

Rubbermaid p.u. tool box---Contico p.u. tool box

Tuff p.u. tool box---Misc. implement tires

Back bumper---Pickup running boards/steps

Rear end carrier attachment for camper

100 lb. propane bottle---Buckets

Cast bathtub---Lounge chairs---Alum. Topper

Old school desks---Lilly pools (2)

Porch swing---Squirrel cage fans---Animal cages

Christmas arch, large---Many Christmas decorations


Livestock Equipment

Squeeze Chute---Concrete cattle waters

3 pt. Bale Carrier---3 pt Bale Unwinder

PTO wire Winder---Cattle and hog panels

T posts---Hedge Posts---Elec. posts---Misc. fencing

Woven wire---Troughs---Lick tanks---Fencers

Assorted bridge planks and creosote timbers, various lengths

Creep feeder---Hay feeders---Feed Bunks

3 pt. Livestock Mover---Gas Brooder---Pig and Lamb Saver


Antique Tractors andMachinery and Misc. Antiques

McCormick Deering F20 Model A, add on cab

McCormick Deering Regular F20

McCormick Deering F12, steel wheels, free (2)

McCormick Deering F14, steel wheels, free

McCormick Deering F20, steel spokes

F20 for parts

JD tractor, MT #32593---JD A #632819

Huber Threshing Machine, Supreme, Marion, Ohio

MM 1930’s Combine, motor, pull type

New Model Lightening stationary square baler

Woods Bros. Corn Sheller, Sandwich, wooden, single row

Woods Bros. single row Picker

One row Planter, Emerson Mfg., Rockford Ill.

Single disk with seat---Road grader


Side rake---Drill---JD 2 bottom plow

Wooden wagons, wood spoke wheels, (2)

McCormick Deering 5’ mower

Old manure spreader---Stalk cutter

Saw blade---Tumble bug

Model T cab---Go Dig, 2 r.

Trailer, wood box, 2 wheel

Old seeder---Tail gate seeder

Feed bin on wheels---Hand crank corn sheller

Old JD “Farm Implement Sign”---Wooden Ice Box, 3 doors





Misc. Used tin

Trailer house axles and wheels (3)

Fuel barrels on stands, 300 gal. (2)

Double comp. fuel tank---300 gal. Fuel tank

Fuel tank, 100 gal, 12v elec. pump

Bin sheets---Portable steps on wheels

Freedom 5th wheel hitch for pickup

Tricycles (2)---Foldable shopping carts, several

Steel screen door---Alum topper---Carved Boot Bench

Stationary 4 cyl. motor, stuck


Auctioneers Comments: Here is a full line of good machinery. Also there is a complete  line of antique machinery that is hard to find in this condition.. The vehicles are clean and ready to be used.


Terms: Cash or check with ID day of sale. No property removed until settled for. All property at buyers risk when bid off. Everything sold “as is”. No guarantees or warranties are implied by Seller or Zalesky Realty and Auction LLC. Auctioneer Co. and Sellers are not responsible for accidents or theft. All announcements day of the sale take precedence over printed advertising.


Auctioneer: Col. B.J. Zalesky ---402-821-2584 or 402-826-0370

Ringpersons: Cathy Endorf, Brian Zoubek and Russ Zoubek

Clerks: Nicky Zalesky and Lisa Maly

Office Manager: Darlene Zalesky

Auctioneer: Col. B.J.Zalesky & Col. Cody Vance
402-821-2584 or 402-826-0370
Ringpersons: Brian Zoubek, Cathy Endorf, Russ Zoubek
Clerks: Lisa Maly, Nicky Zalesky Office Manager: Darlene Zalesky

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