Fairbury Community Blood Bank Challenge

Date: Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st the Community Blood Bank will be in the parking lot of the Cobblestone Hotel and Suites in Fairbury. It is the Local Heroes Challenge. If they meet their goal they give money to our local Fire and Rescue. Cobblestone is challenging all local Businesses, if they make their goal Cobblestone will also Donate $5.00 per person giving blood to the same group. The minimum is 33. That is only $165.00. If we can get 5 Businesses that would be $825.00, plus what the Community Blood Bank Donates. Let’s try to hit a $1000.00. That is either more donations or more companies accepting the challenge, but we must make our goal of 33 people. Wally's Sports Bar and Grill is also, offering everyone that donates a free fountain Drink. Let’s go Fairbury and Make our goal. We have missed it in the last couple of years. Let’s show them that we care about our first responders and also help them with the Blood Drive.

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