Changing Hands for Changing Hearts

Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Changing Hands for Changing Hearts

   The First Baptist Church of Fairbury, 901 F Street, with the assistance of the American Lutheran Church of Fairbury is holding a FREE garage sale on June 14, 2014 from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

   "The motto of the First Baptist Church of Fairbury is ‘Do What Jesus Did’,” Pastor Joel Hahn said. “And what he did was freely give everything to us including forgiveness and a relationship with God. Therefore, we would like to extend that spirit of giving to our community.”

   Members of the churches are planning on bringing things from home that either they don’t need or use anymore and will be giving them away to anyone who can use them. The setup will begin at 9:00 am on the 14th and people are allowed to browse the items from 9:00 - 11:00 am. The church is asking that no items be taken until 11:00 am. Everyone is invited to partake, whether you are a member of the church or not. You can bring your items that day, browse to see if there is something you can use and can stay to enjoy the FREE hotdog lunch that will be served.

   “Churches are often accused of looking for ways to make money.” Pastor Hahn said. “But we are trying to change this vision and have planned this event to benefit others. We don’t always need all the stuff that we have, but we can give it to others who can use it more than we can.  This is the second time we have done this event.  The first time the response from the community was astounding.  There is clearly a need that we can fill in our community with this project.”


   If your item has not gone to a new home, the church is asking that you arrange for removal of your item by 2:00 pm that day unless other arrangements are made. The FREE garage sale will be located in the parking lot on the north side of the church building. For more information contact the church office at 402-729-6668.

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