Blood Drive Held at Columbus High

COLUMBUS – If the students at Columbus high were squeamish about giving blood, they didn’t show it.

The American Red Cross held their annual blood drive at Columbus high school on Friday and the student response was overwhelming. All 115 time slots were filled up, in fact, the organizers had to turn some students away.

Luke Bogus is one of the organizers and he says that his day has been busy and stressful.

“People coming in, coming out. There’s walk-ins and then you got scheduling and people cancel because they don’t feel good. But it is a lot of work but it pays off in the long run, it’s really cool” says Bogus.

Since one donation can save up to three lives, it can be estimated that over 300 lives were saved at CHS alone on Friday.

Bogus reported mixed student reactions after finishing with their donations, some in good spirits, others pretty out of it. One CHS student Jacob Bonwell, was in a good mood after he was done, but he says going in he was tad apprehensive.

“I was pretty nervous at first, I was shaking a little bit, but then once it started I was perfectly fine,” says Bonwell.